About Me

My name is Seán ó Tuathaláin. I have been teaching yoga continuously for almost 15 years, and I am qualified to teach yoga asana (postures) and pranayama (aspects of breath control, inhalation/exhalation and holding the breath).

I understand the importance of learning from more experienced teachers than myself, and regularly attend workshops at home and abroad. Since 2003, I have been studying with my teacher Manju Jois, an Ashtanga Yoga master and the son of Shri Pattabbhi Jois, the renowned guru of Ashtanga yoga. Manju spends a week in July teaching yoga and has been conducting these workshops since I first invited him to Donegal nine years ago.

Sean practising yoga


I live with my partner in the mountains of North West of Donegal. This is a spectacularly beautiful area with lakes, bogs, wildness and weather extremes. Our house is overlooked by Mt Errigal, the highest mountain in Donegal. My main interests are yoga, playing Irish music on the violin, gardening and astronomy.

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